FebriDx® Improved Patient Streaming in the ED/Urgent Care
Improve patient streaming
Differentiate viral from bacterial infection1-2
Guide pathogen-specific testing1-2
High Negative Predictive Value1
Rapid antimicrobial stewardship solution1-2
COVID-19 FebriDx

Guide Pathogen-Specific Testing

COVID-19 FebriDx Process Flow
1. Shapiro NI, Self WH, Rosen J, Sharp SC, Filbin MR, Hou PC, et al. A prospective, multi-centre US clinical trial to determine accuracy of FebriDx point-of-care testing for acute upper respiratory infections with and without a confirmed fever. Ann Med. 2018;50(5):420-29. https://doi.org/10.1080/07853890.2018.1474002
2. Self WH, Rosen J, Sharp SC, Filbin MR, Hou PC, Parekh AD, et al. Diagnostic accuracy of FebriDx: A rapid test to detect immune responses to viral and bacterial upper respiratory infections. J Clin Med. 2017;6(10):94.